About Amit Bhagwat

Amit Bhagwat is an information architect and visual modeling enthusiast, in the thick of object oriented modeling and its application to information systems. He has developed a specialised interest in applying techniques from pure sciences to data modeling to get the best out of MIS / BIS. He is an active member of the precise UML group and happens to be the brain father of Projection Analysis - http://www.inconcept.com/JCM/June2000/bhagwat.html - and Event Progress Analysis - http://www.tdan.com/special003.htm - techniques. He also maintains contents for the celebrated Cetus Links - http://www.cetus-links.org - in Architecture and Design areas. He shares a variety of other interests including photography, poetry and sociological studies. Explore some of his work at: http://www.geocities.com/amit_bhagwat/

The BIS Roadmap

Published in TDAN.com January 2003 Note for Readers: This article comprises of a write-up on core thinking / interrogation associated with BIS implementation, …

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