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About Data Governance Professionals Organization

The DGPO is a non-profit, vendor neutral, association of business, IT and data professionals dedicated to advancing the discipline of data governance. If you would like more information on joining the DGPO, please check out the DGPO Website.

  • Richord1

    Before the era of data governance there was data quality. Data quality adoption didn’t go so well when we realized data quality was subjective and based on context of use, priorities, unwillingness to change behaviors and sometimes outright obstruction. Improving data quality required changes in behavior.

    Along came data governance and attempts to change behaviors using new organizational roles such as data stewards, creating policies and elaborate frameworks for managing data. But that too has failed. The reward systems and motivations for people to change their behavior were not changed to reflect a more federated way of managing data.

    What is still missing is a a common sense intuitive value proposition for data governance. Effective therapy requires the person or organization to recognize and admit they need to change their behavior. How is the person or organization affected? Why change when everything seems to be fine? Organizations have data, are using data and even buying new tools to further exploit the data. Why adopt data governance?

    We return to the dilemma of data quality. Everyone says one of the biggest issue with using data is its quality. Resources spend the majority of their time “cleaning” the data. We couldn’t convince organizations to improve the most fundamental factor affecting their data; quality.

    This reminds me of the era where product quality was an issue. Many organizations setup elaborate organization structures to “govern” product quality. What they ignored was the basics. The behaviors of people. Stop the production line when you spot a quality defect was not adopted.

    If an organization has not adopted a data quality culture, forget data governance. they’re not ready.

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