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About Dave Wells

Dave Wells is an advisory consultant, educator, and research analyst dedicated to building meaningful connections throughout the path from data to business impact. He works at the intersection of information and business, driving value through analytics, business intelligence, and innovation. More than forty years of information management experience combined with over ten years of business management create a unique perspective about the connections among business, information, data, and technology. Knowledge sharing and skills building are Dave’s passions, carried out through consulting, speaking, teaching, research, and writing. He is a continuous learner – fascinated with understanding how we think – and a student and practitioner of systems thinking, critical thinking, design thinking, divergent thinking, and innovation. Dave fills many roles including independent consultant, instructor and Education Director at eLearningCurve, member of the certification board for the Certified Data Steward (CDS) program, Research Consultant at Eckerson Group, and faculty member at TDWI.