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About Ted Hills

Ted Hills has been active in the Information Technology industry since 1975. At LexisNexis, Ted co-leads the work of establishing enterprise data architecture standards and governance processes, working with data models and business and data definitions for both structured and unstructured data.

  • Ronald G Ross

    I think you lapse into dataSpeak or systemSpeak when you say “Thus, every proposition has a truth-value.” According to the Merriam-Webster definition you quote, every proposition “… *is* either true or false”. (If a proposition is true, it’s a fact.) The semantics of “is” vs. “has” of course are distinct.
    Nice piece. My comment is from the perspective of SBVR, which is a linguistic standard. What would be really interesting is a piece on data vs. information vs. knowledge.

    • Ted Hills

      Perhaps. It was a setup for the next sentence, which says that “propositional logic . . . studies the truth-value of propositions.”
      Knowledge is a deep subject, but I could give it a try in a future blog.