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About Daragh O Brien

Daragh is the Founder and Managing Director of Castlebridge, a leading Information Governance, Privacy, and Strategy consultancy based in Ireland. He has a degree in Business & Legal Studies from University College Dublin, and is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society. Prior to founding Castlebridge, Daragh worked for over a decade for a leading Irish telecommunications company in roles as diverse as Call Centre operations, Single View of Customer Programme management, and Regulatory Compliance and Governance. He a regular presenter and trainer at conferences in the UK and worldwide. Apart from his consulting and education work, Daragh is also Data Privacy Officer for DAMA International, a faculty member at the Law Society of Ireland, and a contributing research partner to the Adapt Centre in Trinity College Dublin. He lives in Wexford in the South East of Ireland and can be reached at or on twitter: @daraghobrien. In 2016, he was ranked by Onalytica as the 24th most influential person on Twitter in Information Security (including Data Governance and Data Privacy).

  • Richord1

    Here in the US the politicians used “stealth” to create a national identity system of record with no debate. The federal government stated that only authorized driver’s licences could be used to enter government facilities or to fly on an airplane. They got the states to do their “stealthy” work and the US will now have a national identity card and network! The driver’s license!

    This is not group think, this is stealthy politics! Under the radar.

    We have police recording every license plate using car mounted cameras, under the guise of catching criminals. They don’t purge this data.

    Law enforcement recording all cell phone locations using GPS cell technology which the cell phone companies charge their subscribers for as “911” service! The subscribers are paying to be traced!

    As a society we’ve lost our rights to privacy. We’ve given it to private industry and government has gone along for the “ride”. Its all “public” information now.

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