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About Steven Strutz

Steven Strutz is a consultant focused primarily on Data, Data Management and Enterprise Information Management. Steven can be reached at

  • Richord1

    Although I believe managing metadata is critical, before embarking on this journey try capturing all of the metadata attributes for10 data elements in a spreadsheet.
    Measure the time and resources it takes to extract, examine, cleanse, clarify, resolve and disambiguate the metadata for these 10 elements. Multiply this time and resources by the total number of data elements in all the data stores and data exchanges in your organization.
    And in event someone suggests just capturing the “critical data elements” in the repository ask yourself the questions. Which data elements are critical, to whom, when and under what circumstances? The results will be “all” data is critical. If not, purge the non critical data and see what happens.
    And also hire a librarian. This is the only profession where people are trained in information management and metadata!