Achieve B2B Goals with Email Marketing Automation

Because B2B businesses face prolonged buying cycles, marketing strategies need to focus on  efforts to establish communication between your brand and leads. Many B2B businesses have now turned to email marketing automation platforms to maintain and establish a complicated buyer atmosphere. Just think, if you have to send out an individual email to every email contact every week, it will become very difficult and quite tedious.

With email marketing automation, you can establish combined campaigns that are sent at the perfect time and provide value in generating your leads. With the starting setup and strategy, automation also has the power to save your brand valuable assets and capital. Email marketing automation is a powerful tool to help achieve your Customer Relationships Management (CRM) strategy, inbound marketing strategy, and B2B business goals.

But is investing in email marketing automation a good call for all companies that do this type of marketing? Here, in this article, we are going to explore what email marketing automation is and how you can use this technology as a B2B business.

What is B2B Email Marketing?

B2B or business to business email marketing is the idea that involves the swapping of information, products or services between two or more organizations through communicational emails.

B2B email marketing is known to have a long-lasting sales cycle. However, at times, guiding a customer to make a buying decision with B2B email marketing is quite difficult.

Managing and building a B2B lead generation process with email marketing is the best way to make ends meet for your email marketing companies and generate more sales.

What is Email Marketing Automation?

Email marketing automation is a tool that marketers uses to send emails automatically to customers and leads. On the basis of rules and regulations, you establish email productivity that sends specific emails on the fact of the customer’s action or time in the sales management.

Suppose someone signs up for brand updates for your company, they automatically get registered in your system that sends forthcoming events and recaps. Just like this, if someone fills out a contact form on your website, your automation marketing tool will send a confirmation email with a thank you message.

These leads will automatically make its entry into your customer relationship management system and help you develop a successful CRM strategy. Automation software record how each lead generation takes place within your website, which gives you more value and profit into what their engrossments are and feasible demographics.

Achieve Your B2B Goals Through Email Marketing Automation

B2B email marketing is actually a business agreement between two organizations, where one organization is trying to satisfy and assure the other to buy a product or service. B2B organizations must have in-depth knowledge of how to operate email marketing campaigns. They are often involved in the long process of managing and establishing communication with potential customers and clients while also dealing with long sales cycles. Converting potential customers into leads requires great effort, making the use of marketing automation unavoidable.

Now we are going to explore the best ways to automate your B2B Email marketing:

1.   Link Your Channels to the Sign-Up Form

Whichever channel you are using for your audience to communicate with your business, a contact form is a great medium. When you involve a CTA (Call To Action) for new visitors to collect their emails, you are simultaneously building an outreach list and an interest in your products and/or services.

2.   Use Email Drip Campaigns

The appeal of marketing automation is the simplicity with which you can arrange the system and enable it to work according to your defined limitations. An email drip campaign is an email marketing software that completely automates the marketing procedure from start to finish. When setting up an email drip campaign, you can very easily scope out an audience interested in and are excited about a particular niche and extract their emails at the push of a button. You can also use already established email templates or create your own. Interactively stimulating emails are then automatically sent to the subscribers based on their response to your first email.

3.   Use Autoresponders

Immediately sending a welcome message to new subscribers as soon as they sign up to your newsletter and other subscriptions is the best strategy is to generate a new lead. Further along in this process, I can assure the usage of autoresponders will definitely help you get your product or service in front of them even when you are not actively marketing anything to them. A confirmation email can be set up to be mailed when new users sign up. In that message, other related products and services that your organization also provides can be suggested.

4.   Automatically Section Your Subscribers

Automatic sectioning is a vital strategy in B2B email marketing. It allows your marketing team to know the interests of your focused audience and what excites them the most. If you do not know which products they are more likely to purchase, you may end up sending the wrong message or lavishing assets which further results in generating fewer leads. To circumvent this, it is very important that you begin distinguishing your potential customers as soon as possible. This can be done through your sign-up form or welcome email. You may involve a pragmatic chance or CTA for a few of your products and services. You can then automate the differentiating process on the basis of preference of each consumer. With proper division of your subscribers, you can offer a more focused and appropriate touch in each marketing email you send their way.  

5.   Make Automatic Cold Calls to Non-Openers  

It does not really matter how customized your sales are, there will surely be non-openers. But this does not mean they are not interested in buying your product or service. It simply means that you have to excite and push them more than others. This can only be done via B2B marketing automation. Using related tools, you can resend your marketing email to non-openers after a confirmed number of days without any action on their part. Aside from these proposed automation strategies, you can also modify a few other things to make sure that you are not only focusing on new leads, but also on existing old customers. This can be achieved through automated emails to remind your old subscribers when their subscriptions have expired. Reminder emails go a long way to assist B2B businesses with customer memory.


The tips mentioned above can assist you to expand your B2B email marketing performance which will increase sales and convert potential customers into regular subscribers. Creating a B2B email series will generate leads for your businesses and email marketing companies. It can also improve your B2B sales performance, but it begins with understanding your sales process.

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