Big Data in Our Daily Life

FEA02x - edited feature imageEver wondered how much data is being created every day? Or how this data is impacting our lives? It might interest you to know that nearly two-and-a-half quintillion bytes of data are being created on a daily basis, as reported by the Forbes magazine. So how do you use this Big Data for your business? Surveys are being conducted by marketing departments of various organizations through online data and demographic collection. This is done by collating data from different sources mainly in the form of digitized customer relationship management.

As such, Big Data is gradually becoming a major part of our lives both on the personally and professionally. In this blog, I’ve noted some of the key reasons why and how Big Data is prevalent in everyone’s daily life. Let’s explore further about the various uses of Big Data in our lives. Learn how big data is discreetly developing our world in ways you never imagined.

Enhanced Safety Measures Across Various Industries and Levels

It is interesting to note that Big Data is improving public safety in exceptional ways. It is being used for minimizing road/traffic accidents, law enforcement, and administration, identifying potential natural calamities or disasters, and much more. Big Data also assists organizations in working on creating necessary contingency plans to protect their respective businesses from potential uncertainties, mishaps, and damages, etc. It is being observed through time that employers nowadays request, or rather insist, on hiring Data Scientists with technical knowledge of Big Data. The reason being is that highly skilled professionals need to collect a humongous amount of data for analysis purposes. They analyze and evaluate this Big Data for making some predictions about a possible outcome.

Big Data is also being used by the local police authorities for judging and segregating emergency personnel, as per requirement. This assists them in solving high-end crimes or terror attacks, thereby saving the general public’s lives from any potential damage. In the recent past, we have been in the midst of various critical cyberattacks which has impacted millions of lives. If Big Data was used in this context, we could have averted such attacks easily. Hence, it can be said that Big Data assists in impeding crime both online and offline. It is, therefore, being extensively used by law enforcement officials for offender profiling and collecting necessary evidence against criminals to bring them to justice.

Improved Healthcare Services

Big Data is augmenting various medical care facilities across the globe. With the advent of digitalization, it has become easier to track and maintain medical records by physicians and healthcare professionals. Such is the scenario that in the current era, there are various modes and means of contacting or consulting doctors by patients without an official visit. They can consult physicians online and even order medicines through digital means. Many emergency care medical practitioners are using Big Data technologies to expedite their competence to protect human lives and also protect them from falling a prey to a plague. In the case of a serious ailment that currently has no cure, healthcare professionals are able to isolate and combat the disease before it becomes an epidemic among the masses.

Ease of Shopping

As a customer, have you ever received some recommendation emails from your favorite online retailer? I’m sure you did! Do you know how that happens? It’s through the use of Big Data, which assists retailers to send them to you based on your transaction history. For example, while you shop from an online retailer, the web/mobile application effectively notes your choices and shows a similar line of products for your search going forward. This saves a lot of your time, thereby making your search quick and easy to hunt for the right product per your requirement. Online retailers use Big Data technology to check their customers’ buying habits and throw up product recommendations as per their choice or requirement.

Furnishing Accelerated Entertainment Facilities

Most people assume that Big Data is only used for complex or hardcore business functions. This is not true! Big Data is being used regularly for numerous reasons, such as for law enforcement, market optimization, expediting healthcare facilities, boosting security functions, enhancing the cost-effectiveness of shipping logistics, etc. But now, Big Data is used for various entertainment benefits too. This may be either in the form of watching videos, listening to music, or playing games online; Big Data is everywhere. Let’s take an example of online activities such as playing online games. When you play, you register with your credentials; this leaves behind the user footprints and is being used by the gaming company to harness the information and customize the user experience per your requirement. Likewise, businesses nowadays are using Big Data to collect information, analyze it, and create customized solutions for current and potential customers as per their respective needs or requirements. Therefore, Big Data is helping the entertainment industry in various ways. Many artists are resorting to using Blockchain technology to drive control and protect their intellectual property from piracy and unfair practices. By doing this, they are assured of being in a safe zone and are able to produce soothing and mind-blowing music without having to worry about its use by the masses.


So now the question is, How can you use Big Data in your business? At this point of time, this is a million-dollar question. After analyzing the importance of Big Data, it gives us a vivid picture of how powerful a tool it is, thereby becoming a part and parcel of our daily lives. When you harness the power of Big Data to boost your statistical research in your business, it helps you to customize the internal processes to enrich the user experience and expedite customer satisfaction. Nevertheless, Big Data has gone mainstream and is here to stay for a long time. 


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Maria Thomas

Maria Thomas

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