COVID-19 Research Database Available

ThinkData Works has built a repository of worldwide COVID-19 data that is being constantly updated and is accessible through their platform, Namara

They’ve been gathering, standardizing, and centralizing the data to make it easier for researchers to draw insight, to build models, and to understand and stop COVID-19. They’ve made access to this data free to access to ensure that the data can be used by those who can make a difference.

This data focuses on answering questions like, who are the most at-risk populations, where are they, and how do we get them resources in advance. There are some amazing genomics projects going on already so we’re going to tackle this specific stream.

ThinkData Works has now partnered with Roche, a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostic, to fight against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic through the sharing of knowledge and healthcare data to inform decision making. 

PLEASE NOTE: Before you will be able to access the database, you will be asked to review the ThinkData Works terms of service, register your email address and set up a password. Once you have confirmed your registration and log into Namara, you must search on “COVID-19” to access the data.

ThinkData Works urges you to share this information and data with your network, as the more people that have access to this data, the bigger the impact we all can make. Find ThinkData Work’s social posts on LinkedIn and Twitter to conveniently share this with your network. 

********** Access the COVID-19 database here.  **********

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ThinkData Works

ThinkData Works

ThinkData Works, Inc. is a Toronto-based technology startup founded in 2014. Namara, the data management platform built by ThinkData, is an end-to-end data management solution for the enterprise. Namara enables businesses to access, manage, enhance, and integrate data in order to develop new products and gain insight. The platform’s capabilities are designed to let organizations and individuals access high-value data in standard formats, making companies more efficient in acquiring and processing data.

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