DAMA Corner – January 2004

Published in TDAN.com January 2004

So Now I’m DAMA International President – What will I do?

Let me begin by introducing myself to those of you who do not know me. I am Larry Dziedzic. I have worked for Johnson and Johnson in New Brunswick NJ for the last 3+ years in the position of
Technology Manager. As you might guess, that title has little to do with the Data Architecture role I play within the organization.

I have been a board member of DAMA International for the last 2 years as VP of Operations. I had previously served one year as VP of Finance. I have been a board member of DAMA NJ for the past 6
years. I have been Treasurer, VP of Program and President of the chapter. I state this because I am not as well known as the person I have the honor of replacing as President and felt it
appropriate to give you some of my background.

I applaud the job my predecessor, Michael Brackett, has done during his tenure. DAMA International has grown each and every year under his guidance; it becomes more the premier data management
profession organization in the world each year. Under Mike’s care, DAMA International has truly become an international organization. The chapters reach from the west coast of the United
States all the way around the world to Australia.

New chapters are ready to explode on the scene in Europe and Africa, thanks to Mike’s efforts.

I must admit that I could not conceive that I would become President of DAMA International when I decided to run for this important seat. It is an honor and a privilege to be in line to become the
organization’s president in January 2004.

I would be remiss in not recognizing the efforts of board members who volunteer time and effort as part of the DAMA International board to help ensure its success. They are indeed special people
who give personal and professional time to making sure the organization is the very best that it can be. If you haven’t done so lately, or at all, you should go to www.dama.org to see who
these talented people are. They all deserve recognition and praise for the excellent job that they do.

Admittedly I am nervous about the shoes I need to fill and the effort that must take place to continue the organization’s growth. It will be my job and the job of the international board to
continue to move forward. It should also be noted that while the DAMA International board is primarily United States centric, we do have excellent support from Canada. But that is not the limit of
our international organization; our advisors are also from the U.K and Australia. It is this combination of professionals who have given their time to both the international and to the local
chapters to make this the premier data management organization.

So, can I make a difference? And can I still help the organization grow? I strongly believe the answer is yes to both those challenges. Not because of me, but because of the people I have
identified above. These dedicated people are the ones I will work with to keep this organization on top. I believe that, as with the DAMA NJ chapter, it is the participation and dedication of the
board the helps make the organization strong.

In early January, most of the board will give up a weekend of their time to plan for the coming year, and to develop a strategy that we hope will do the organization well for the future. This will
be followed in May, just before the DAMA International/Metadata conference, with another meeting of the board, the advisors and as many chapter presidents as possible to review the plans and

I joined the international board two years ago to make sure that more was given to the supporting chapters. I plan to continue that process as president, by providing resources to make the chapters
successful. They are, after all, the lifeblood for the international organization. I also want to continue the growth of the organization internationally. To continue to evolve that tag line I have
used several times already — to make DAMA International the PREMIER Data Management organization in the world.

I feel there are ancillary benefits that we can address too. That is, how can we help our unemployed colleagues? I believe that with the network of professionals, academics and businesses with whom
we have contact, we should be able to focus some energy in support of this cause. We will continue to look at “features” that we hope will provide benefit to our chapters. Those
features being: insurance, professional certification, and networking.

So, I look forward to a challenging year, a very good year and a year of change and growth for DAMA International and for our membership. As I challenge the international board to make sure we are
heading in the right direction, I also challenge the membership to participate more in making sure that DAMA International provides the guidance needed.

Larry Dziedzic – President, DAMA International

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DAMA International

DAMA International

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