DAMA Corner – January 2006

Published in TDAN.com January 2006

UPDATE: DAMA Foundation Model Curriculum Framework for Post Secondary Education Programs in Data Resource Management

DAMA Foundation through the VP Education function and the Curriculum Committee in the 3rd year of a multi-year initiative to support the educators of Data Management Professionals.

A full vision for the framework has been developed by the Curriculum Committee:



The scope of the project this year was publicize and promote and gain feedback on the framework that sets out recommended topics, career paths, guidelines and core competencies for DRM (data resource management) academic degree programs. This document may be used by guidance counselors, college faculty, employers or other professionals to advise students and others interested in this field. It is applicable to the needs of all levels of post-secondary education, from 2-year colleges through graduate school programs in North America. The core topics also encompass those competency areas included in the certification exams for DRM professionals sponsored by DAMAI and given through the Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals (ICCP).

The approach taken by this DAMAI Data Management curriculum consists of the following main sections:

  • Primary data management concepts and history
  • Overview of data management education
  • The value of data management
  • Employment/market
  • Relationship to other IS curricula
  • Certification
  • Topics and topic clusters
  • Careers in data management
  • List of education delivery channels based on the North American model
  • Clustering of topics to be delivered for courses
  • Cross Reference Matrices to aid in the development of a curriculum

This Curriculum development is of a continuing nature. We are interested in hearing from Data Management professionals and educators in DRM about topics or delivery channels, and the flexibility of this curriculum.

The Curriculum Framework was presented:

  • DAMA International Conference in Beverly Hills in May 2004
  • AMCIS Conference in New York in August 2004
  • DAMA International Conference in Orlando 2005
  • AMCIS Conference in Omaha, Nebraska 2005
  • ISECON, Columbus Ohio 2005

The Curriculum Framework received the ISECON Award for Meritorious Writing 2005. The IS2002 Committee Standard for teaching IS in North America, will work with our Committee to incorporate many of our idea into IS2005. As well DAMA Curriculum Committee will be pursuing accreditation of the curriculum framework with ABET and CSAB (Computer Science Accrediting Board).

The Curriculum Framework is available for download at www.dama.org and is available free of charge. Comments and feedback are encouraged.

Deborah Henderson,
VP Education & Chair Curriculum Committee
DAMA International Foundation

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