DAMA International Community Corner: A DAMA Update

COL04xx - column image pls use itSo what are we up to this year? Well, this is the year of consolidation – we have had a successful DAMA-DMBOK 2 launch. The translation of the BoK into Portuguese, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Japanese is going full steam ahead and we are working on an Executive Guide to Data Management to complement the great work done on the DAMA-DMBOK V2. We are hoping for a release of this guide around EDW 2018, but no firm date yet – stay tuned.

It is also time to revisit the Data Management Dictionary – especially with the new DAMA-DMBOK V2. And it is here that we are going to need help from our members and friends. So if you are interested in taking part in Version 3 of the Dictionary, if you have a bunch of terms that you would like defined or you have already defined, you feel the need to volunteer some time to DAMA International, or you are looking to get credits towards your CPD logbook for your CDMP re-certification, please don’t hesitate to let us know as soon as you can at dmbok@dama.org.

We are currently looking for people who are also willing to step up and help us lead this program of work. The Dictionary currently has 2000 terms and we are aiming to increase this significantly, so lots of hands on deck is the only way.

The other body of work needing a revamp this year is Mike 2.0. As you all know, DAMA I received the rights to this about two or so years back and we have been eagerly anticipating the release of the DAMA-DMBOK 2 so that we can create a full theoretical and practical framework based on the two bodies of work. Are you already at member of the Mike 2.0 “fan club” or are you really interested and excited to get involved? Again, a significant volume of work is needed to do this and we need lots of volunteers to help. If you are interested or have something to contribute (time, knowledge, etc.) please let us know by sending an email to dmbok@dama.org with the subject line “I’m volunteering for Mike 2.0”.

Of course, we are also always looking for contributors to the CDMP Exam question bank. If you are due to re-certify, don’t forget that there is a question contribution requirement. We are also always looking for question reviewers as well, so if you are CDMP certified, please consider contributing as a reviewer and getting some of your CPD credits this way.

Finally, our awards nominations closed on 5th February and the awardees will be announced at EDW 2018 in San Diego. Don’t forget that DAMA I turns 30 years old this year and our birthday celebration party will be held at this annual conference – everyone is invited.

— Sue Geuens —


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