DAMA International Community Corner: May 2016

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The conference season is underway with DAMA International partnering with outstanding providers around the world to bring our community the best content at the best discounts. In order to help us build on this please ensure that you use your DAMA discount code when booking (even if someone else is paying!) so we can actively demonstrate the size and commitment of our family to progressing the profession.

Details of opportunities and offers may be found on www.dama.org/events/month – Chapter Officers please remember to let us know details of local events so we can include them in the calendar (email media@dama.org).

DAMA International Achievement Awards

We are delighted that the DAMA International Achievement Awards honoring members of our profession that have been outstanding in furthering the cause of Data Management in the wider business world will be presented at EDW.

The recipients are:

  • Christopher Bradley, CDMP Fellow from the UK for his ongoing significant contribution to developing the CDMP Certification demonstrating continuous commitment to advancing education for the Data Management Community
  • Sakari Jorma from Finland for progressing MDM and unselfishly tutoring other MDM trainers which exemplifies the mission of DAMA International
  • Thomas Redman from the USA for his 30-year leadership in the field of Data Quality and Data Governance, many publications, and “Putting Data to Work”

The awards are presented on an annual basis however nominations may be submitted at any time, and we will be posting on LinkedIn and via Twitter when we are nearing deadlines. As ever details are on the website, and feel free to talk to any of us at a conference or online.

DAMA in the Digital World

It was a pleasure to participate in our first digital conference, Enterprise Data Governance Online from DATAVERSITY held in January. I loved wandering around the hall and talking to people as an avatar and, while there are still some wrinkles to get sorted out, was very impressed with the software which will serve our community as we grow globally.

Also supporting our disparate, busy, global community our BrightTALK channel contains two types of webinars – Training on aspects of our profession based on the DMBoK wheel and a virtual exhibit hall with technology ‘show and tell’ sessions to support us all in keeping up to date with the latest developments in tools available to us. Please see https://www.brighttalk.com/channel/12405/dama.

If you are a chapter officer or central charter member and wish to use the service to share more content or if you have ideas of topics that you would like to see covered, please contact me at marketing@dama.org – all welcome!

CDMP & CDMP Press Release

The CDMP refresh continues with the first new exams reflecting the advances in our profession scheduled for EDW, for up to date details check first at http://www.dama.org/content/certification.

DAMA International, the premier organisation for Data Management Professionals, are delighted to present the first CDMP Fellows with the inauguration taking place at Enterprise Data World, San Diego in April.

The Certified Data Management Professional program provides a recognition path for all professionals employed across the wide range of data management areas from business governance to technical DBA and analytics and all points in between, and the launch of Fellow status recognizes those individuals who have become the leaders of our community by continually contributing to driving the profession forward over their careers.

These contributions include leading in sharing our Body of Knowledge, providing education opportunities and thought leadership as well as ongoing active guidance, assistance and mentoring to other professionals.

The Fellow Board will provide leadership and guidance to ensure the CDMP program continues to grow, remain relevant and support the profession around the world.

Our inaugural CDMP Fellows are:

Christopher Bradley (UK)

Chris has over 35 years Data Management experience and is an Information Strategist and advisor to Global organisations on best practice for EIM strategy, Capability uplift, Data Governance, Information Management & Information exploitation. His passion is to help organisations genuinely manage and exploit Information as a critical corporate asset and to improve both people and process capabilities in the Information domain. In April 2016, Chris received the exceptional achievement award from DAMA International and Chair of the CDMP Fellowship board.  He is a Director of the E&P standards committee “DM Board”, President DAMA UK, an author of the DMBoK 2.0, member of the Meta Data Professionals Organisation and author and examiner for the DAMA CDMP professional certification.

Catherine Nolan (USA)

Catherine (Cathy) has 37 years of Data Management experience and is the co-author of the book “An Audacity to Spy” about personal data privacy. She has an MBA from Lake Forest School of Management and has taught classes in data security and privacy at McHenry County College. She is a 30-year member and a past-president of Chicago DAMA and has been on the DAMA International Board for the past 12 years, currently serving as VP Conference Services. In 2011 Cathy was awarded the DAMA Community Award and in 2015 she was given an Emeritus Lifetime Member Award for her service to DAMA and the Data Management Profession.

Deborah Henderson (Canada)

Deborah is an independent consultant at DAHenderson Consulting in Toronto and specializes in Data Governance. She has been the Senior Editor and Program Director for the DAMA-DMBOK, since 2005. With over 25 years in data management, she consults in data governance in the energy, capital markets, NGO and automotive sectors. She is an internationally recognized educator on Data Governance and Stewardship, and passionate about how data supports business excellence.

That’s it for this issue, so please visit us on our website for more information on all the above or to join DAMA International.

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