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COL03x - feature image DAMA already 300x300The DAMA-International Board of Directors (BoD) would like to communicate the current status of a few activities of interest to our membership and beyond.

First, we would like to remind everyone that the EDW2020 conference is now accepting registrations. EDW is co-sponsored by DAMA-International so we encourage all DAMA members to attend this conference if they are able to do so.

The full agenda will not be announced until October 2nd. For DAMA members, the discount code is DAMA15 for 15% off. Please review the conference and others on our web site, DAMA.org.

The Registration link is:


CDMP Status 

Following the success of EDW19 & the other trials, we are pleased to announce that the new DMBoK2 CDMP is publicly available & now live. Visit https://cdmp.info/ where you will be able to:

  • Take an exam online via online proctoring or register to take an exam at a chapter or conference event (click “Book an Exam”)
  • Submit allowable substitutions details
  • Submit experience details for Master level designation
  • … and much more

Details on forthcoming events where CDMP examinations can be taken will appear on DAMA.org as they are confirmed. All please refer to https://cdmp.info/ for information and questions concerning DAMA-I certifications.

  1. The online exams will be available on May 1, 2019 with online proctoring.
  2. Trials of the new platform and examinations conducted through February & live at EDW in March with 125 exams taken during the trial, 167 at EDW19, for a total of 292 exams taken.
  3. Immediate electronic issue of CDMP certificates successfully launched, together with Open Badges ( https://openbadges.org/ ).
  4. Teams from 17 chapters collaborated to successfully create six new exams (Sample, Data Management Fundamentals, 4 Specialist including Metadata, Data Quality, Data Modeling, and Data Governance. All based on DMBoK2.
  5. Two further DMBoK2 based specialist exams under development (Data Integration, Data Warehouse & BI), for completion June 2019.
  6. CDMP team met at EDW and identified working groups.
  7. Weekly meetings with platform provider.

Starting Test Level

  • DM Fundamentals is a single test, and the certification level achieved is based on the score on this test. Everyone takes this same test.
  • Associate Level requires passing this test at 60%. Passing at 70% or higher qualifies the tester for higher levels of certification, which require additional tests. The higher the score, the higher the possible certification achievement.  To obtain Practitioner level, you must pass the DM Fundamentals at 70% or higher and two elective exams at 70% or higher.  To achieve Master Level Certification, you must pass the DM Fundamentals exam at 80% and 2 elective exams at 80%.

As requested by BoD at EDW2019, the following motions were adopted by the BoD on 30th March, 2019.  

Pay if you Pass (PIYP) at Chapter Events:

One pay if you pass event at a chapter meeting can be sanctioned per year.  One Pay if you pass attempt per person will be permitted.  “Payment” will be mandatory if the examinee has passed the exam.

DAMAI-I Membership & Renewal Fee:

DAMA-I membership is included with the first CDMP examination fee ($300 for any exam).  CDMP Certificates are valid for 3 years before CDMP renewal is required.  From Year 4 forward, $50 will be charged to renew certification and $50 retain membership in DAMA Central.

Please refer to https://cdmp.info/ for information and questions concerning your certification through DAMA-International.

DAMA Chapters and membership update:

DAMA-International is pleased to announce that Data Management Professionals and the industry are strong and active across the world. Our membership and chapters continues to grow. We encourage all data management professionals to attendee local DAMA Chapter meetings when they can. We have Chapters in formation as follows:

Chapters in Formation: 40

  • APAC: 11
  • Europe: 13
  • Canada: 2
  • LATAM: 5
  • USA: 9

New Requests to form a Chapter: 3

  • Sri Lanka
  • Saudi Arabia
  • New York Central

DAMA-I website currently lists all with active chapters. Please find your local Chapter.

All active chapters were assessed regarding meeting criteria for active status as outlined in the bylaws. Only 11 chapters of 51 are compliant   (completed by Chapter Services admin).

DAMA Regional Coordinators:

  • All regional coordinators are identified, appointed, board approved, and onboarded.
  • It is likely Nordic Regional Coordinator may consolidate under European Coordinator.

2019 remaining Sponsored Conferences     

DGIQ & Financial Services– Dec. 2-5, Delray Beach, FL

  • CDMP Testing (first time offered at DGIQ)
  • Please use the DAMA discount code on registration for the discount.

DG Vision – Dec. 9-12, Washington, DC

  • 15% discount for DAMA members

EDW2020 – March 22-27, 2020 San Diego

  • In-Person Board Meeting March 20-21
  • All Board Members to attend


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