DAMA International Community Corner July 2016: Moving DAMA Forward

COL04 Image - DAMA CommunityEDW2016 was a wonderful celebration for DAMA as we began delivering on some key projects to make DAMA even more ‘fit for purpose’ for the future.

We celebrated successfully relaunched and refreshed Certified Data Management Professional exams, and are delighted to announce that we had 50 new CDMPs from the exams at EDW! Responding to a significant amount of feedback, the CDMP approach and process has been thoroughly reviewed and we have developed a career progression structure to recognize and support all of us throughout our careers, whether we come to Data Management via a business or one of the many branches of the Information Technology route. This in turn reflects the changes in the enterprises that employ us, and ensures that we remain current and demonstrate value.

In order to maintain this position, we have a continuous improvement policy and actively work through the feedback received and use it to improve and strengthen the exams and process. On an ongoing basis, we always need question authors, so if you would like to share your knowledge and expertise and get involved, please contact us! Acting as a mentor and question supplier earns credits towards your recertification when the time comes. too.

Over the past year, a few items have arisen that we hope to work on for the benefit of Chapters and individual members. For example, DAMA International has a number of insurance policies to cover our activities and we are exploring how we might best support Chapters in getting the best value for Directors and Officers Insurance as a Chapter benefit, but as of now no scheme is in place and we cannot promise that one will be available in the future given the global nature of our family; so each Chapter will have to make their own assessment of risk and arrangements for insurance.

We are one team; all doing this because we believe in our vision to support an empowered global community of information professionals. We are not always going to get everything right the first time and we actively encourage constructive criticism as this is the only way to move forward and improve. With many perspectives, it can be hard to please everyone all the time, but every effort is being made to understand concerns and make improvements as fast as possible – we trust in the fact that we are all volunteers with the best interests of the industry we all serve at heart.

One method of feeding thoughts back to us is the quarterly Presidents Council; please ensure that your Chapter discusses any issues and participates, if possible. If you have any concerns or queries, contact info@dama.org . Central members, please get in touch if you have any concerns or bandwidth to contribute: there may not yet be a chapter in your part of the world, but there could be a possibility of a smaller local network to discuss and share with each other.

Please make use of the LinkedIn group for discussions, feedback, and to keep everyone up to date with your successes, or to ask for thoughts and input from the wider family. We reached the 10,000 milestone in July, so there are plenty of people to talk to!

Would anyone be interested in a tweet up? Could we get together in cyberspace to do what we do best in discussing, sharing and talking about data? If you would like to help facilitate this, please get in touch via info@dama.org or tweet @DAMA_I

Another channel we are actively promoting and using is the DAMA webinar channel hosted by BrightTALK which provides a wide range of both tutorial and technology ‘show and tell’ webinars. The aim is to bring as much information to our members, be they in reach of a chapter or remote, and allow a view of best practice and current and up and coming tools and technology. Take a look at https://www.brighttalk.com/channel/12405/dama where you will find an overview of all of the segments of the DMBoK wheel, key concepts, and insights into technology options out there. If you would like to contribute a session, please get in touch and we’ll talk it through.

With so many new and exciting conference opportunities around the globe we are continually working to bring discounts to our membership, please see https://www.dama.org/events/month for the latest updates and offers and your MyDAMA tab on www.dama.org for additional discounts on books and some courses that are exclusive to members.

Chapter Officers please remember to let us know details of local events in good time so we can include them in the calendar and ongoing publicity (email media@dama.org).

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