DAMA International Community Corner: The DAMA Evolution Continues

COL04 Image - DAMA CommunityThe team held a face to face meeting in Berlin at the beginning of October to review progress to date and plan next steps on the key projects that are driving DAMA forward and facilitating our vision to support an empowered global community of Information Professionals.

We continue to develop the CDMP exams, and are building out the process to allow chapters to provide an opportunity to sit the exams. Chapter Officers, please keep up to date through the quarterly Presidents Council meetings or feedback through the usual channels.

We are also investigating providing a ‘data-dating’ facility to provide introductions for mentoring relationships based on the program which has been run successfully by the UK Chapter for some years. Members request someone with relevant experience to discuss a particular aspect of data management, and the connection is made. The discussions are then entirely in the hands of the participants; ground rules are agreed upon and touch points are tailored to the participants’ specific needs.

This demonstrates the best of our DAMA Family in that we are there to provide an ear to listen, and some ideas to be considered to help the mentorees develop themselves. It’s not a free consultancy or training; rather an opportunity to talk matters over with someone who’s been there, done that, and will provide support and guidance. Feedback from the UK team highlights that the process provides a very rewarding relationship on both sides. If you are interested in this type of relationship (from either side) please feel free to talk within your local chapter and/or post in our LinkedIn group.

We also demonstrated our commitment to walking our own talk and spent a happy couple of hours beginning a logical data model for the next technology upgrade!

As we move towards the end of the year and our Awards cycle begins, please watch out for the posts, tweets, and direct chapter communication, and take this opportunity to submit candidates whom you feel have demonstrated their ability and commitment to our DAMA Family and the profession we are all engaged in. There will also be an election ballot coming through; again, please contribute to the process as we are one team – all doing this because we believe in our vision to support an empowered global community of information professionals.

Feedback is important to us; engage with us through the quarterly Presidents Council, contact info@dama.org, or tweet @DAMA_I. Central members, please also get in touch if you have any concerns or bandwidth to contribute, there may not be a chapter yet in your part of the world but could there be a possibility of a smaller local get together to network, discuss and share with each other?

Don’t forget we have the DAMA webinar channel hosted by BrightTALK which provides a wide range of both tutorial and technology ‘show and tell’ webinars. Have a look at https://www.brighttalk.com/channel/12405/dama. If you would like to contribute a session, please get in touch and we’ll talk it through.

With so many new and exciting conference opportunities around the globe, we are continually working to bring discounts to our membership. Please see https://www.dama.org/events/month for the latest updates and offers and your MyDAMA tab on www.dama.org for additional discounts on books and some courses that are exclusive to members.

Note to Chapter Officers

Please remember to let us know details of local events in good time so we can include them in the calendar and ongoing publicity (email media@dama.org).

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DAMA International

DAMA International

DAMA, the Data Management Association International is a not-for-profit, vendor independent association of technical and business professionals dedicated to advancing the concepts and practices for data resource management and enterprise information. The primary purpose of DAMA International is to promote the understanding, development, and practice of managing data and information to support business strategies. DAMA International has chapters and members throughout the world.  Visit and become a member of DAMA by clicking here.

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