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COL04 Image - DAMA CommunitySince we last caught up, DAMAI has been somewhat busy. Thank goodness we have a strong board of dedicated individuals who are all very willing to take on the extra work and time expenses to keep up.

As some of you already know, we went live with our Central Charter Membership offer, and I am very happy to announce that it is proving successful. The benefits are very clear and unambiguous; provide serious value for the money you expend (opening offer of $50/ annum/ individual – get it now while it’s still hot!) and for the first time, ever members have a login to a MyDama page on our website. Benefits include online access to the Data Management Dictionary of Standards, 2nd Edition; downloadable images from DMBOK 1; a multitude of great discounts ranging from 10% and well above from our partners for book purchases; conferences; seminars and education & training. We are working on a) more benefits and b) identifying how to create a corporate structure for central membership. These will take some time- especially the corporate membership structure – so watch this space. One of the questions we are asked most frequently is whether or not this membership includes both local chapter and central membership – the answer is currently no, it doesn’t. Local chapters in your area offer slightly differing benefits focused on the face to face interactions that a virtual chapter cannot provide. So it’s very well worth getting in touch with your local chapter to join them as well. I personally love having both and make great use of them!

The next big piece of news is that DAMAI is taking over the CDMP certification in its entirety. We are busy with a revamp of the whole structure, and that should be available on the dama.org website very soon. The premise of the change is to meet the demands of the profession. 30 years ago when DAMA started, the demand was amongst database people – technical and focused. Over the last 5 or so years, the change to more business focus on data has ramped up exponentially, and we are finding that 80% or more people wanting to take the CDMP are from business and often do not have any background in technology or IT. We are also finding – about time – that individuals are becoming “data geeks” much earlier in their career and they are driven by a need to show a badge such as the CDMP much sooner than the more traditional response we have seen in the past of “I’ve been in data for years; perhaps I should certify”. The third change has been about broadening the exams and material and bringing in exams that supplement the core of Data Management. 

These changes have been recognized by DAMAI; a concerted effort has been made to understand them and map a new way of doing things; the creation of the CDMP revamped is almost ready for display and DAMAI has chosen to manage this change without an external administrative arm.

We at DAMAI are very excited by the changes and are looking forward to sharing with the DM profession very soon. So watch not just this space, but www.dama.org and our LinkedIn group for news. By the way, all CDMP certified; CDMP passed but no certificate yet received and ready (or a bit late) to re-certify – please visit: dama.org/content/forms/cdmp-record and register all your details. If you have not yet received your certificate (N/R); if you have not yet completed all exams (N/C) – please fill in the certificate field with the designations in brackets. We will be providing details on replacing your certificate; printing you a brand new on or assisting you to recertify.   Still have questions? Visit our FAQ’s to see if they are answered or email cdmp@dama.org.

Finally – don’t forget that our Awards nominations are open now – if you have a colleague or data friend who you believe has gone above and beyond, nominate them today! Or perhaps you work at an organization that has done the most amazing data work – there is an award for that as well. Visit our website for more details and make your nomination before the closing date of end November 2015.

That’s it for this issue, so please visit us on our website for more information on all the above or to join DAMA International.

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DAMA International

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