Data Warehousing and E-Commerce

Author: William J. Lewis
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2001
ISBN 0130911542

The emergence of Electronic Commerce as an integral part of many organizations’ activities is the subject of numerous articles, monographs and books. However, most of these documents do not
address the integration of E-commerce with the current actions and / or information systems that have developed within many companies over the last decade or so.

Many organizations have implemented a version of a data warehouse, and also have adopted e-commerce as one of their business models. The majority of these companies struggle with the management of
the processes, data and information these disparate functions currently control. Integrating the company’s e-commerce operation with the data warehouse can reduce the collision of the various
processes that are contained in both a data warehouse and an e-commerce operation. Combining the valuable data captured by an e-commerce operation with the internal data warehouse can increase an
organization’s understanding of their success in both traditional activities and electronic commerce.

How to achieve Data Warehouse and E-commerce integration is addressed in the book “Data Warehousing and E-commerce”. The author, an accomplished information management consultant,
offers a complete blueprint for leveraging the power of data warehousing with e-business. From the presentation of concepts such as data warehousing, metadata and the importance of its management,
management of delivery processes and their data, this book demonstrates how to incorporate value in all information activities, cost-effectively and practically.

The book presents solutions to fundamental implementation issues from recognized leaders in various IT fields, and includes a current list of all solution providers in several categories.

There is a running case study throughout the book, illustrating the concepts and solutions offered in the text. Using this case study approach to augment his writing, Mr. Lewis can apply the
techniques for transforming the disparate functions of data warehousing and e-commerce into an integrated information enterprise.

This fine book is strongly recommended for all e-business and data warehousing consultants, managers of e-business and data warehousing initiatives, information management professionals who want to
explore the ramifications of e-business on traditional data warehousing practices and senior management who are planning to enter or expand their e-business or CRM operations.

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Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.

Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D.

Anne Marie Smith, Ph.D., is an acclaimed data management professional, consultant, author and speaker in the fields of enterprise information management, data stewardship and governance, data warehousing, data modeling, project management, business requirements management, IS strategic planning and metadata management. She holds a doctorate in Management Information Systems, and is a certified data management professional (CDMP), a certified business intelligence professional (CBIP), and holds several insurance certifications.

Anne Marie has served on the board of directors of DAMA International and on the board of the Insurance Data Management Association.  She is a member of the MIS faculty of Northcentral University and has taught at several universities. As a thought leader, Anne Marie writes frequently for data / information management publications on a variety of data-oriented topics.  She can be reached through her website at and through her LinkedIn profile at

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