Database Administration – The Complete Guide to Practices and Procedures

Author: Craig S. Mullins
Publisher: Prentice Hall, 2002
ISBN: 0201741296

The problem with the relational world, particularly that in the Unix world, is that the well-established policies and procedures established for the main frame environments have typically been over
looked, if not simply ignored, in the Unix world. Many shops tend to treat the distributed environment as they would a stand-alone PC. This environment has gotten much more complex with the advent
and growth of the internet. The Unix world cannot continue to go down this path without thought, structure, and procedures for every aspect of the application.

Craig Mullins has put together the most comprehensive relational database policies and procedures book I have ever had the pleasure to read.

The book contains 23 chapters of information ranging from the DBA job (descriptions, job functions, and how many are needed), to database theory (design, normalization, good practices), to
application design, including the need for change management. Craig builds on these topics with performance management (beginning with what exactly that means), and includes all performance issues,
backup and recovery requirements, and even disaster recovery issues. Each section has a complete discussion on the topic and is summarized with review questions and additional sources of related
information. The book also contains 4 appendices that in themselves would make great chapter material as well. Craig covers all of the relational vendors, giving examples of text, code, and
administrative advice on each and appears to give equal billing to each.

This book is more than excellent, every DBA, manager, business unit manager, and HR department should have a copy. This should be mandatory reading in all MBA programs. Giving this book a 5 somehow
doesn’t quite cover it.

Nice job Craig!

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Dan Hotka

Dan Hotka

Dan Hotka has over 24 years in the computer industry and over 19 years experience with Oracle products. He is an internationally recognized Oracle expert with Oracle experience dating back to the Oracle V4.0 days. His current book, The TOAD Handbook by SAMS is now available on He has authored the books Oracle9i Development By Example and Oracle8i from Scratch by Que and has co-authored the popular books Oracle Unleashed, Oracle8 Server Unleashed, Oracle Development Unleashed by SAMS and Special Edition using Oracle8/8i by Que. He is frequently published in Oracle trade journals, and regularly speaks at Oracle conferences and user groups around the world. Visit his website at

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