Data’s Gender Gap: A Data Equity Reading List

Over the course of this column, I’ve cited a wide variety of sources regarding gender, technology, data, and more. As everyone begins to compile their summer reading lists, I offer a formal selection of books and articles to peruse in your office, on the beach, or wherever you seek to practice equality in data work.

Introductory Resources

If you are new to equity work or are still learning why it is so important, the following two resources are a great place to start. They discuss the importance and ultimate meanings of equality and intersectionality, two concepts that are closely intertwined. These will help define the terms in the following books and articles and provide a solid foundation for you to discuss data equity issues.

Gender and Data

Gender and data! This column and author’s bread and butter! These resources have been cited extensively throughout the course of my tenure with, but I highly encourage any interested parties to read them in their entirety.

Social issues and Data

As this column has progressed, our scope has broadened beyond gender issues in data. As you will know if you read the introduction to intersectionality listed above, gender is not the only aspect of identity undermined by current methods of data collection and analysis. These two resources discuss how race, social class, and more interact with the data world, specifically with regard to the education system.

Happy reading! Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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Mandy Seiner

Mandy Seiner

Mandy Seiner is a writer and educator based in Brooklyn. She has a history of working with public schools, museums, and nonprofits. She is currently the Volunteer and Programs Manager at 826NYC.

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