DB Pros Need to Know Cloud Migration

FEA01x - edited feature imageIn 1961, Professor John McCarthy was the first to publicly suggest in a speech at the centennial celebration of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that:

“Computing may someday be organized as a public utility just as the telephone system is a public utility. Each subscriber needs to pay only for the capacity they use, but they have access to a large system. Certain subscribers might offer service to other subscribers. The computer utility could become the basis of a new and important industry.”

Now, the cloud provides always-on architecture, automatic monitoring and management, enterprise-class security, fast access to a range of resources, integrated disaster recovery, optimized infrastructure, and simplified IT operations.

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View the infographic “What Every Database Professional Needs to Know About Cloud Migration” to learn about its characteristics, deployment models, service delivery models, ownership, location of databases, barriers to cloud migration, security concerns, benefits, disadvantages, challenges, and steps for cloud migration.



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Joy Ruff

Joy Ruff

Joyce Ruff is a Product Marketing Manager for data architecture and database tools at IDERA Software, based in Austin, Texas. With over 25 years of industry experience with enterprise hardware and software solutions, Joy enjoys sharing product benefits with customers through social media, presentations, and conferences.

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