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ART03x - edited feature imageAccording to the New York Times, Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a computer to perform tasks that require human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence (A.I) has elements of decision making, as well as visual and speech recognition. “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will reach a market value of $202.9 Billion by 2022,” Statista explains.

Why are companies willing to increase their budgets on Artificial Intelligence? With A.I on board, complex calculations can be done quicker and precisely. A.I reduces the costs of space exploration. Organizations can detect fraud, and doctors can also get personal assistants, which have no empathy for patients.

From energy to health, manufacturing to logistics, many industries will feel the impact of A.I. For instance, user adoption of e-procurement linked to artificial intelligence only requires data. Enough data can lead to accurate automation.

If you are willing to join this revolution, consider taking these courses.

Top Artificial Intelligence Online Courses

Microsoft Professional Program

Microsoft, a leading multinational tech company, has an online artificial intelligence program. Currently, Microsoft has 10 courses, with a minimum of 8 hours per course. You will use various related technologies, from python programming, through Azure machine learning, to speech recognition.

In general, each course takes 3 months. Students will start by learning an overview of AI, and its applications in our modern-day lives. Thereafter, Microsoft equips skills of python and data science. Trainees will learn ethics in data and analytics law, build machine learning models, and then work on a project. As a result, trainees earn The Microsoft Professional Program Certificate.

Master’s in Artificial Intelligence

Simplilearn has a career-centered Master’s program. After a successful completion of this program, students graduate as artificial intelligence engineers. This course equips learners with over 10 in-demand skills. Learners can build intelligent bots, apply machine learning in customer service, health finance, and several other industries. Learners can also differentiate between the practical and theoretical aspects of machine learning. In addition, trainees will understand the most widely used tools. The tools range from computer programming, statistical analysis, and artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence A-Z: Udemy

This online course is available on Udemy. With over 60,000 students enrolled and 4,000 positive ratings, you can be confident that it is a good course. The course covers the aspects of building an AI, Q-learning, using AI in the real-world, and optimizing artificial intelligence for maximum results.

Unlike school-based learning, Udemy has a flexible schedule that allows anyone to learn in their free time. You will get full-time access to 17 articles and 17 videos. There is an excellent interface to chat with instructors.

The Elements of AI

This course is offered by the University of Helsinki and its partners. It starts with an introduction to artificial intelligence, then teaches how to solve problems using artificial intelligence. Students also get the fundamentals of machine learning and neural networks. Neural networks can model and relate non-linear relations, which are common in real-life. For example, neural networks can forecast financial trends in the stock market given the right data input. The University of Helsinki and Reaktor, the creators of the course, recommend that you finish the course in 6 weeks. This is a good time, considering the results the course will bring.

Google AI

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Education has several options. The course is standardized such that it can be understood by businessmen, data scientists, researchers, software engineers, and students. The Machine Learning crash course is a hands-on course offered by Google. It has over 40 exercises and 25 lessons. Learners will understand how Machine Learning differs from basic programming. It also covers the concept of data presentation for machine learning. The course covers several other concepts, including tensor flow. You need to have an excellent understanding of Linear Algebra and python programming before enrolling in the course.

Artificial Intelligence AI

edx has a good course that teaches the elements of artificial intelligence, and its applications. The course is tailored towards understanding complex real-world problems like self-driving cars, face-recognition, and using robots in manufacturing. Students will learn how to build intelligent agents. In addition, learners will understand computer vision, robotics, and applications of AI such as natural language processing (NLP). This is a 12-week course.

Intro To Artificial Intelligence

You can get this free artificial intelligence course on Udacity. You will learn the basics of artificial intelligence, applications of AI in various industries, machine learning, NLP, robotics, and using probability for computer reasoning. You need to have a background in probability theory and linear algebra. However, the course isn’t only limited to statisticians. Anyone can learn fundamental mathematics behind artificial intelligence.

The course is of intermediate difficulty and takes 4 months. Once you enroll, you will find solutions to disturbing questions, access to like-minded community, access to experts, practice exercises, and learning videos.

If you think artificial intelligence is the future, you should now realize that it is the present. Work towards meeting the required prerequisites of basic programming and statistics. Even though a computer science background can be perfect for a start, you still need an excellent understanding of linear algebra, calculus, probability, and discrete mathematics.

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