Java And Data Science – A Bond Made In Heaven

BLG02x - edited feature imageOne of the broadest fields, data science offers a lot of things ranging from courses to career opportunities. In today’s age where petabytes of data are being created by various companies and individuals on a daily basis (1 Petabyte = 10^15 Bytes).

A lot of companies are now diving deep into the statistics in order to find the missing tinge of logical patterns to do statistical analysis, which would help in making predictions about market and change scenarios.

Data visualization tools and programming languages are used in tandem by the analysts in order to perform these unbelievable tasks. So, to make individuals perform these tasks, there are a lot of institutes which are giving data science courses.

On the other hand, Java is another software technology tool used for the process of creation of applications. It is now the most trusted software application and is one of the most popular brands. The usage of Java has been so enormous that even a few years ago, the creation of a single application was not possible in any domain considered.

To Be A Data Scientist

There is no hard and fast rule on who can or can’t be a data scientist, but being on the top level of every game establishes the Orion of being a winner. Here are some of the concepts which one needs to master before they get underway with data science training:

  1. R Programming
  2. Python
  3. Data Programming
  4. Statistics and Logical Reasoning

Though, the first three concepts comprises the basics of being a data scientist, the latter comes up with analyzing and managing the data science with the wise usage of tools comprised.

Java Specialist and Data Science

Every aspect of Java use, whether it is application creation, website development, finance or accounting, the usage of java scientists cannot be discarded. Being one of the vigorously usable software languages, a Java programmer will always be in line to be a data scientist. But, being a Java specialist will not be sufficient enough to be a data scientist. A Java programmer needs to fine-tune their skills so that data science will be a cakewalk for them. With the increasing number of statistics which the companies are providing nowadays, there is a shortage of data scientists, but with the technological revolution which India was a part of a few decades ago, a lot of java programmers are now pondering over a career switch in becoming a data scientist.

Is Doing a Course in Java is a Bonus Point for Data Science

Although there is no hard and fast rule in being an acclaimed data scientist, doing a course in Java will now be a bonus point for those aspirants vying to be a data scientist. Moreover, the tools that are being used by a data scientist are actually Java-based and thus the technical expertise will only increase as far as the domain of Java is concerned.

Does a Java Course Help with Instigating More Students?

Java may be only one branch of study, but it helps make students choose the best portfolio for their upcoming jobs. Java, to be frank, is thereafter the advent of different programming languages and is one of the earliest programming language which was developed for the betterment of the mankind.

If we see the world and career as a whole, Java, being one of the most integrated software languages, was on the verge of taking the world by storm. But, then data science took an entry. Not only Java developers— which instigated the exit of Excel— were surprised, but the other different source codes of languages, such as SQL probably took an exit due to the various technical features contained by data science.

But, after some further research by the institutes and research centers, it was admitted that data science was actually a by-product of Java and SQL, another data-centric software language. And now, every student or aspirant today in the modern world has to learn Java before putting their foot forward for the course of data science.

Let us see some of the factors of the above mentioned reason:

  1. In a virtually possible environment, Java actually acts as the platform development criterion and considers sites which are poorly optimized. Thus, Java is considered the best in the optimization of a website.
  1. As far as a particular Java developer is concerned, it is very much eminent to foresee a platform where one needs to learn grid computing techniques. These are strongly required if someone is recently venturing into the world for data science.
  1. For a Java developer, planning the criterion is very easy. Let us assume that a company is picking up a developer who knows both Hadoop and Hive. That company has now taken up an individual who is competent with how Java works because of the similarity it has with the role of a data science expert.

Thus, data science in a nutshell is not compared with Java, but is actually tolerated in relevance with data science to create a viable environment and even better career opportunity as far as software industry is concerned.


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