Non-Invasive Data Governance Learning Plan
by Robert S. Seiner

Seven Online Courses Available at the
DATAVERSITY Training Center

Courses within the
Non-Invasive Data Governance Learning Plan

Courses available individually or as a Complete Learning Plan!

NIDG1. Introduction to Non-Invasive Data Governance
NIDG2. Management Understanding of Non-Invasive Data Governance
NIDG3. Non-Invasive Data Governance Roles and Stewardship
NIDG4. DIY and Purchased Data Governance Tools, Templates, Metadata
NIDG5. Application of Non-Invasive Data Governance to Processes
NIDG6. Non-Invasive Data Governance Value, Metrics, Measurements
NIDG7. Non-Invasive Data Governance Communications and Awareness

Courses available individually or as a Complete Learning Plan!

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About the Training Center

The DATAVERSITY Training Center is a first-class online education portal offering courses in many data management subjects such as Data Governance, Data Quality, Metadata and much more. Membership is free as are the course previews. All full courses and Learning Plans are for purchase. When all course exams within a Learning Plan are passed a Certificate of Completion is issued to recognize understanding of the materials presented.

The courses and learning plans are designed to provide educational value and experience to those working in the industry of data management, governance, quality, and metadata management. Each course is presented by an industry specialist who is an experienced speaker or educator, has extensive knowledge of the industry subjects, and is currently working in the field at an enterprise level.

The courses that are available now cover topics such as data governance, quality, stewardship, and metadata management. According to Shannon Kempe, DATAVERSITY Training Center Administrator, “These topics were chosen as a starting point for our online training program because of their popularity among our publication readers, conference attendees, and our professional network of speakers and writers.” Each educational topic has several courses offered within a learning plan.

Courses can be purchased separately or as a complete learning plan. Each course consists of three parts, the video training, an exam on the presented materials, and when passing all exams in the Learning Plan a Certificate of Completion is awarded. Printable materials are available for download upon passing the exam.


DATAVERSITY is a provider of high quality educational resources for business and information technology professionals on the uses and management of data. Our worldwide community of practitioners, experts, and developers participate in and benefit from hosted conferences, articles and blogs, as well as live webinars, certification, daily news reports, and more. Active members enjoy access to presentations, research, and training materials. For more information, please visit www.dataversity.net or email: info@dataversity.net.

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