Unwired Tap – July 2003

Published in TDAN.com July 2003

I’m really excited about the addition of this column to the TDAN.com website. I’m going to take this first column as an introduction and to let you know what I have in mind for this

With this column I will travel the world of wireless. I will look at all sizes of companies – big to startups. I will cover from the top to the bottom. From a strategic and vision perspective to
the component level of devices. I will look at information that will span the globe.

Of course I will have my opinions and I’ll let you know what they are but I’m looking for this column to provide value to you and to have some fun along the way. I’ll be looking
for feedback with each column. Did you find something of value in the column? Is it of interest? Let me know how you feel about the column.

OK, let’s get into this column’s subject …

I’ve been asked many times by colleagues and friends – “when will wireless become a mainstream factor in the business world?” Great question. Wireless has been around for
quite a while – history lesson on wireless in a future column – so what makes anyone think that it is or even will become mainstream? I suggest that it is mainstream already. Just pick
up any IT trade journal, paper or magazine.

Best bet is that you can find at least one article with a wireless focus in most major IT magazines and journals. ROI, Security, Standards, Architecture, CDMA, GSM, 3G, 802.11, Bluetooth, J2ME,
Satellite, PCS, WiFi, WiMax – the wireless landscape is being discussed, dissected and debated. Why? Wireless/Mobile is another component of Enterprise Architecture. It is a tool in the
architecture toolkit that allows the channeling of information out to where we want it. Out to where you want it. Un-tethered, occasionally connected, total wireless access. Information for you and
to you – at anytime and anywhere. While you are getting ready to leave home in the morning, at your desk in the office, at your kitchen table at home, in your car, on a train or in an airplane.

Information is attempting to break the wired bonds that have kept it trapped for decades and is trying to catch up to our fast paced and information starved life styles. Good or bad, I believe that
this trend of bringing information to you will continue and will travel down ‘the Yellow Brick Road’ to a time in the future where personalized information will be available to you
where you want it, when you want it and how you want it.

Let me hear from you. If you have a tip about the Wireless Landscape and you want to share it send it on to me. If you have a question, I’ll get you an answer.


Wireless Nuggets of Knowledge

Depending on your interests in the Mobile/Wireless space here are some interesting articles and information plus where to go to read more about the topic …

How Intel Plans to Make a Wireless Everything
from AnchorDesk, Wednesday, June 18, 2003

An interesting article written by Patrick Houston, Editorial Director, AnchorDesk, Wednesday, June 18, 2003. It reviews a discussion with Intel’s first-ever chief technology officer Pat Gelsinger
and his concept of “Radio Free Intel”. Here is a look inside the article:

CHEAP AND UBIQUITOUS wireless connectivity is the key to enabling everyone to compute and communicate anytime, anywhere. Using the same manufacturing capacity that’s
enabled the company to put microprocessors in anything and everything made by man, Intel would spew out wireless radios so small and so inexpensive they could go into almost anything, from the
usual laptops and PDAs to home entertainment systems, kitchen appliances, watches–you name it.”

For more on this read – http://www.zdnet.com/anchordesk/stories/story/0,10738,2914092,00.html.


The Year of Living Wirelessly
from Business Week, April 28, 2003

“Boeing is so gung-ho on the new technology that over the next decade it hopes to outfit nearly 4,000 planes with Wi-Fi service. Says Scott E. Carson, president of the company’s Connexion by
Boeing unit: ‘Wi-Fi is on an explosive growth path.’”

For more on this read – http://www.businessweek.com/magazine/content/03_17/b3830601.htm.


Microsoft Discusses Commitment to Wireless
from Synchrologic Mobile Newsletter June 18, 2003

Synchrologic has an interesting article on Microsoft and Wireless. Here is a snippet from the article:

“Microsoft sees an enormous opportunity in the wireless data market. Today, the wireless industry stands at the crossroads where challenge meets opportunity. The opportunity lies in the
convergence of wireless voice and data, which will improve the way we work and live.

Overall, the company’s long-term goal is to get relevant services to customers anytime, anywhere, any device. We believe software does not start and end on a mobile device, but should connect
people to information and services with wireless, regardless of where the information starts or ends.”

For more on this read – http://www.synchrologic.com/news/microsoft_interview.html.


IBM offers wireless email for mobile workers
from FierceWireless May 20, 2003

IBM today announced its newest messaging product, Lotus Workplace Messaging. The newest version of Lotus is an email server designed for so-called “deskless” workers that offers email access
through wireless devices. IBM is targeting the product at companies with factory workers, retail clerks, health care workers, and other employees that have not traditionally had work-based email.
The product allows these workers to use their mobile phones or wireless PDAs to access their email accounts.

For more on this read – http://news.com.com/2100-1012_3-1007750.html?tag=fd_top.


PalmSource targets the enterprise with partnerships, new OS
from FierceEnterprise June 19, 2003

“PalmSource kicked off a more aggressive enterprise strategy yesterday at CeBIT America by showing off the latest version of its handheld OS and announcing more IT partnershps. The company
showed off its newest product, Palm OS 6, and emphasized its enhanced enterprise features. Palm OS 6 offers better wireless security, more support for Java, and more control of data access,
allowing corporate IT managers more control over developing and installing new applications in the software. While the new OS will not ship until summer of next year, programmers will get access to
the OS sometime by the end of this year. PalmSource also announced partnerships with IBM, Novell, and Visto to bring more enterprise applications to Palm OS 6. PalmSource licensed IBM’s Web
Services Tool Kit for Mobile Devices, Novell’s ZENworks software, and Visto’s mobile email software for use in its new OS. PalmSource is pushing its mobile enterprise strategy through
partnerships rather than product development.”

For more on this read – http://news.com.com/2100-1095-1018856.html.


Faced with Growing Traffic, European Wireless Operators Weight Economics of 3G Adoptionfrom Wireless Business & Technology Newsletter June 20, 2003

“The rising popularity of mobile phones is likely to force the next big issue for European mobile operators: the economics of adding capacity to ease traffic and congestion. “The European
wireless operators have a number of ways they can increase network capacity but there are costs associated with each,” said European wireless analyst Fanos Hira of Bear, Stearns International
Limited. ‘How the wireless operators tackle this issue is likely to become a big focus for investors over the coming year.’”

For more on this read – http://www.sys-con.com/Wireless/articlenews.cfm?id=550.


Wireless Information Center

Want to Understand Wireless Antennas a Bit More?

Here is a tip that was in the Wireless LAN Info Center of SearchNetworking.com. It was submitted by Ms Lisa Phifer, VP, Core Competence.

“Many WLAN users take antennas for granted. They just use the antenna supplied with their 802.11 PC card or router and quietly curse the manufacturer when speed drops and signal fades. But
they don’t know what WLAN designers do: upgraded antennas can improve performance, reach and security.”

Click here to learn more: http://searchnetworking.techtarget.com/infoCenter/tip/0,294276,sid7_gci884306_tax293386,00.html.

Here are links about making a wireless antenna extender with a Pringles can. COOL and I’ve been told it really works!



What Role Does Intel Play in the Advancement of Wireless Technologies?

“Intel has a powerfully simple vision for the future of mobile products, developers and end users: enabling a naturally mobile lifestyle-one that works simply and intuitively. One key aspect
of this vision is providing predictable wireless connectivity for wireless LAN (WLAN).”

Here is a link to Intel’s New Wireless Landscape Vision paper: http://www.intel.com/netcomms/promo/fw62003.htm


Want to Learn More About the Technical Side of Wireless Development?

If you are a subscriber to JAVAPro then the March 2003 issue is a good one for Wireless/Mobile info starting with an article called “Get Small with Wireless Messaging and Mobile Media”. The
article discusses two new J2ME APIs for easier software development for small mobile devices.

Read the article: Get Small with Wireless Messaging and Mobile Media

Related Articles from www.ftponline.com


Wireless Article & Resource Center

Look for this section to updated with each issue.

Articles of Interest

Resource Links to Mobile & Wireless Info Areas

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Robert Dominko

Robert Dominko

Robert S. Dominko, PMP, is a Principal Consultant for CIBER, Inc. in CIBER’s Global Enterprise Integration Practice located in Denver, CO.  He is a member of CIBER’s National Mobile/Wireless Team as well as CIBER’s Global Enterprise Integration Practice. Bob has extensive experience in the consulting industry where he has worked in roles such as Director of MIS, Program/Project Manager, Technical Architect, Data Warehousing Technologist, Business Analyst in global travel and hospitality, automotive, healthcare services, financial, bank card services, utilities, marketing, insurance, human resources, manufacturing, state and federal government. You can contact Bob at RDominko@ciber.com.

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