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About Ted Hills

Ted Hills has been active in the Information Technology industry since 1975. At LexisNexis, Ted co-leads the work of establishing enterprise data architecture standards and governance processes, working with data models and business and data definitions for both structured and unstructured data.

  • David Jaques-Watson

    Good article, Ted! Can I request a follow-up that details the “various strategies available for designing tables that can store multiple classification hierarchies”. I’m assuming dimensional modelling is at least one, with hiearchies either as snowflake dimensions or collapsed down into a standard star model.

    It becomes more difficult when the dimension itself is part of more than one classification system.

    What are some other solutions?

  • Chris Pehura

    My first discussion in the industry was about using either 2nd normal or 3rd normal form; then providing training to people so they wouldn’t use a CD tray in their computer as a cup holder.

    Relative to those things, everything else seems straight forward and easy to explain.

  • William Evans

    Hi Ted,

    Thank you for the insight.

    I use Ontologies to resolve this problem.

    Many simple hierarchies that are well defined, that an Ontology can then collect from and create accurate, and yet flexible compound definitions.

    The bonus of a good ontology editor is the Reasoner, which helps one see what we may have forgotten to include in our definition.

    Good editors also have the capability to interact with Graph Databases and that becomes a real power-tool as well considered query design becomes really simple.

    Have a good day