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FEA02x - edited feature imageBuilding and designing websites has become a profitable industry. There are many people out there who have mastered the use of coding and design to create thousands if not millions of different websites. What would happen if an AI was designed to create a website? Would there be a loss of individuality or skilled design? Or, would the people who are designing the websites benefit from incorporating AI into website development? 

Before discussing AI we need to examine what goes into creating a website. What are the skills required to create a unique and impressionable site. What are the steps someone would take to make a website and how could AI be incorporated to assist in the process?  

Creating a website takes time and skills. A person who creates a site must know about computer elements such as coding, along with writing and design elements. Creating a website from scratch can be a daunting affair to someone who is not familiar with any one step of the process. Many people use free website builders that help lay the groundwork for creating a website. The free website builders will take care of most of the computer elements in a website. The person creating the site can focus on the writing and design of the website. Right now, they have total control over how their site will look and function. Creating a website can take time. If a company is looking to save some time they may consider using a website builder who used AI.

A website builder with AI can take the raw information and turn it into a stunning website that will help process data quickly and efficiently. If a data designer wants to have a website that is functional and does what is required, but they do not have the time or skills to create their own site they may use a website builder with AI. This will save them time and money and allow them to do other important work while someone else is designing their website. A website builder with AI will transform requests into a working website that a developer can use to process data quickly and efficiently.  

Some people may be concerned about the creativity involved with website building. If a computer is asked to create, most people think a computer is not capable of understanding the concept of creation. With website development AI is creating in their own way. Computers use algorithms to create things. AI can use algorithms to create unique website designs and in that way can create a website. Some argue that using algorithms can take away the unique quality of design but most AI website builders show unique content and designs.  

AI uses the information that a company provides to create a unique website for that company. AI may add to a logo or create deeper colors for existing companies. AI can use information from a company’s Twitter account, Facebook account, and other online sources, or it uses just the data that is imputed. The AI takes in all the information, processes it, and comes up with the best website its algorithms can design. For some people, they are happy with the results. Others are still on the fence. The algorithm will ultimately determine if the AI can create a quality site. While some algorithms hit the mark, there are others that can have quirks. What this boils down to is the quality of information the AI is receiving and the quality of the AI algorithm.

For people concerned about the quality of the design of an AI website, there are some website builders who incorporate AI that allow a person to tweak the website once the AI has developed it. The images appear sharp and the AI knows where to place things for the optimal consumer satisfaction. Customers are happy, business are happy, and data is being processed efficiently. Most website builders will also offer tips and frequently asked questions to assist people after the website goes live.

Website builders using AI are still in the minority. There are still kinks to be worked out but overall the websites developed by AI are good functioning sites that look fine but may need to be tweaked. The future of AI in website design looks promising and if a company needs a basic site then they can use a website developer that incorporates AI for a quick build. Right now though, companies should still research any online website builders to make sure they have what a company needs in a final website. There are many capable website builders online who do not use AI and who create terrific websites that process data quickly and efficiently. AI is the future of website design but the future might still be a couple of tweaks away.

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