Alan Perkins

Alan Perkins has been an executive consultant for a Big Four firm, senior enterprise architecture consultant for a large international IT solution provider, vice president of consulting for a software engineering tools company, general manager of a high-tech consulting firm, vice president of system R&D for a virtual corporation, chief information officer for a technology transfer consortium, chief solutions architect for a repository technology, systems analyst on the White House staff, and director of the U.S. Army Data Processing School in Germany. He has provided information and enterprise management consulting to numerous companies, associations and government agencies.

In his SRA role as Principal Enterprise Architecture Consultant, Alan guides and advises clients in order to help them achieve both alignment of IT with business and convergence of IT and business strategies to improve readiness, reliability and resilience. Alan is also leading the internal effort to implement a world-class sustainable career development program for SRA enterprise architects. He may be contacted by e-mail at

Change Management

The only constant in American enterprises is change. There are external changes in politics, climate, laws, markets, competition, and customer…