David Eddy

David Eddy is president of David Eddy & Associates, a firm that specializes in missionary marketing and sales efforts for niche information resource management products.
Mr. Eddy has 15 years of software development experience in banking, insurance, and consulting environments. He dedicated 9 years to sales and marketing of repository-based products. His efforts enabled a client to expand their customer base beyond North America into Japan and Europe. Mr. Eddy maintains active contact with Fortune 1000 firms and personally manages a database of 7,000 contacts at 2,500 sites, focusing on professionals in reverse engineering and information resource management.
Beginning in April 1994 he focused on Year 2000 issues. His missionary marketing efforts for Year 2000 awareness were described in the August 25, 1995 issue of the Wall Street Journal in Tom Petzinger's Front Lines section. He has testified to the Senate Committee on Small Business.  By accident he coined the term "Y2K" on June 12, 1995 on Peter de Jager's Year 2000 discussion list.
Mr. Eddy has an M.B.A. from Babson College, and a B.A. in Russian history from Union College.
The author can be reached at David Eddy & Associates, P.O. Box 57132, Babson Park, MA 02457-0132; 781-455-0949; deddy@davideddy.com.