Deborah Henderson

Deborah Henderson, B.Sc., MLS, PMP, CDMP, is President of DAMA Foundation, and Vice President of Education and Research for DAMA International (DAMAI). She chairs the DAMAI Education Committee and DAMA-DMBOK Editorial Board, and sponsors the DAMA-DMBOK to advance data management education in post-secondary institutions. Deborah has many years experience in data architecture, data warehousing, executive information systems/decision support systems, online analytical processing design and project management, with an extensive background in information management (process modelling, data modelling and data dictionaries), enterprise management practices and technical report writing. She has consulting experience in many different business functions in energy and automotive sectors using the techniques of data and process modelling. Deborah is a President of DA Henderson Consulting Ltd.

Performance Measurement:

The success and growth in every business activity-from manufacturing to customer service-is dependent upon how an organization utilizes its critical…