John Murphy

John is a 1975 graduate of Bridgewater State College, Bridgewater Massachusetts. Following a brief career as a public and private school teacher, John went to work for Core Laboratories as a geo technician operating early computerized well logging units in the gulf coast for companies such as Gulf, Exxon and BP. John then joined the R&D staff of Teleco Oilfield Services, a subsidiary of Southern Natural Gas, forming their first data integration and analysis department while building early relational analytical data models, integrating drilling, formation and production data. In the late 80’s John worked as a consultant to the Department of the Army in building the Department of the Army Data Dictionary and the Department of Defense Data Repository System, two early metadata repositories. John also worked with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) on data standardization, data modeling and enterprise data development practices.

John became an independent consultant in 1992  From this, John applied his knowledge of Metadata, data architecture, and data standardization to developing Enterprise data design and management practices at companies such as Qwest Communications, Jeppeson Sanders Flight Information Systems, Interactive Video Enterprises and the Federal Aviation Administration, Cigna Health Care, Safeco Insurance, Marriott International and Ford Motor Corporation. Mr. Murphy provided design and architectural support for several large scale initiatives including the Canadian ISPR migration, the Mexican National Retirement Systems (Processar) and early internet marketing ventures with Pacific Telesis. John has developed several e-marketing models for view / visit and navigational analysis along with wirelesss call switch analysis. Both forms of analysis focus on data clean-up and reduction. John also developed several data visualization and analytical processes for the rapid identification and analysis data anomalies.

Through the remainder of the 90’s and to present John has continued consulting in the areas of Data Warehousing, Database architecture, data standardization, data modeling and data migration for companies such as AT&T Broadband, USBank, Marconi Communication, Cigna Health Care and SUN Computers. John’s recent work has focused on data cleansing and standardization based on detailed metadata modeling.

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