Richard King

Since 2003 Richard King has focused on master data governance, primarily in SAP based environments and from the business perspective. He is currently a Partner at DataIntent LLC, a recent spinoff of gicom LP where he was the COO. Prior to gicom LP, RichardÕs consulting experience included PwC, after first spending 25 years in a variety of positions in the chemical industry. His experience includes managing a specialty chemical business for a major multi-national including reorganizations and acquisition integrations where data management played a key role. He has consolidated and managed a divisional level supply chain and later organized the SAP master data governance organization, both for Bayer Chemicals. He has presented ASUG in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011 as well as the ASUG SIG for Data Governance. He is currently on the steering committee for the ASUG Data Governance SIG working group for data quality metrics.


Using Standards to Govern Data

This article is all about operational data governance. If you haven’t read Bob Seiner’s original article on what it means to…