Sarah Wentworth

Ms. Sarah E. Wentworth started Knowledge Strategies Insights (KSI), a consulting and technical training company one and 1/2 years ago. KSI specializes in data centric tools and processes that streamline the development process and promote software solutions with greater longevity.

Since startup, Sarah has been invited to speak at several conferences both in the U.S. and in Europe in the promotion of best data management practices. By the third month of operation, KSI was turning down opportunities to keep up. Over this past year, Sarah led and advised clients on the creation and management of large-scale data warehousing projects and various data related projects. KSI is a certified channel partner with some of industries best data tools which has brought business and training opportunities. Recently, Sarah was accepted in the "Who’s Who of Entrepreneurs" for 1997.

Sarah created KSI on the belief that group based development where information sharing and reuse is fostered, leads to a higher quality product with greater longevity.

Ms. Sarah E. Wentworth, Principal
Knowledge Strategies Insights (KSI)
P.O. Box 226, 1050 State Rte 32
Round Pond, ME 04564 (USA)
Bus: (207) 529-4280
Fax: (207) 529-4279

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