Scot Becker

Scot A. Becker is a Partner and Principal Consultant for InConcept. He is also a certified ORM consultant and trainer, a certified Visio trainer, and Editor of the Journal of Conceptual Modeling. Scot's previous duties and positions have included database administration, an Officer of the Virtual FoxPro User Group, and Vice President and Co-Founder of a small consulting company. Besides being a data modeling fanatic, Scot's other interests include WWW design and development, Object Oriented modeling, design, and development, rapid modeling and other application development techniques, and writing.
Contact Information:
Scot A. Becker
Partner and Principal Consultant
8171 Hidden Bay Trail N
Lake Elmo, MN 55042
(651) 777-8484
fax: (651) 777-9634

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