Stan Christiaens

Stan Christiaens is co-founder and operational director at Collibra, a data governance enterprise software company. As such, he has a global responsibility for all technical pre-sales, implementation and support activities. This allows him to have a front-seat view on real customer demands, issues and implementation challenges. Prior to founding the company, he was a senior researcher at the Free University of Brussels STARLab, a leading semantic research center in Europe, performing application-driven research in semantics. As such, he participated actively in several international (ITEA, FP6, FP7) research projects and conferences (OTM, FIS, ESTC). Stan has also published various articles in the field of ontology engineering. He is an active DAMA member and speaker at DAMA events in Europe, and he was recently one of the best received speakers at the IDC SOA event in London with his presentation on ÒBusiness-Driven SOA.Ó


Data-Driven or In Disguise

Walk into any boardroom or executive committee meeting, and there’s a good chance you’ll hear someone talking about data. And…