Tom Haughey

Tom is considered one of the four founding fathers of Information Engineering in America.  He is currently President of InfoModel, Inc, training and consulting company specializing in practical and rapid development methods. His courses on data management, data warehousing, and software development have been delivered to Fortune 100 companies around the world. He has worked on the development of seven different CASE tools, over 40,000 copies of which have been sold to date. He was formerly Chief Technology Officer for the Pepsi Bottling Group and Enterprise Director of Data Warehousing for Pepsico. He was also formerly Vice President of Technology for Computer Systems Advisers, who market the CASE tools called POSE and SILVERRUN. He wrote his own CASE tool in 1984. He formerly worked for IBM for 17 years as a Senior Project Manager. He is an author of many articles on Data Management, Information Engineering and Data Warehousing.

His book, Designing the Data Warehouse-The Real Deal will be published later this year.