Van Scott

Van Scott is a creative enterprise architect with a very strong methodological bent. He is intrigued by the enterprise, enterprise architectures, and data warehousing.  Very project-focused.  Known for taking notes, listening, and reading. Published author in music, psychology, and data management.  Practicing musician and composer.  Principal consultant at Sonata Consulting, Inc.  You can reach Van at or 940.566.3503. Current project is building a large call detail data warehouse for a firm in the telecommunications industry.

The Data Model Resource Book

Author: Len Silverston, W.H.Inmon, Kent Graziano Wiley, 1997 ISBN: 0-471-15364-8 Introduction Does your organization have an enterprise data model? How…


The Data Warehouse Toolkit

Author: Ralph Kimball Wiley, 1996 ISBN: 0-471-15337-0 Introduction The Data Warehouse Toolkit: Practical Techniques for Building Dimensional Data Warehouses is…