Aaron Bradshaw

Aaron has 15 years of experience working with all things data; from Data Warehousing, Campaign automation, Model automation, through to Data Protection, Governance, Metadata, Lineage, and Quality. Having worked on two award-winning projects (Data Driven Marketing Award by Marketing week and Best Digital Marketing award by Big Chip) as a data engineer he moved into Data Governance, working on delivering regulatory compliance such as CCAR, IFRS9, SOX, FRY14, and GDPR at major retail banks, delivering enterprise data management projects as a result. This was always delivered with a vision to utilise this information above and beyond ticking the regulatory box and gaining value from the insight this provides. He now works at Alation, a leading data catalog provider, helping customers obtain the most value from their data, whilst also meeting regulatory and ethical standards. He is passionate about deriving and demonstrating the value that can be achieved by utilizing data in a consistent manner, whilst also taking thought about the impact of its use.