Doug Suvalle

Doug Suvalle is a revenue leader with over 25 years of experience selling Enterprise Software Solutions. Specialized in Sales Process, Tactical Sales, Strategic Sales, Sales Tooling, Sales Management, Sales Strategy in all verticals, geographies, and company sizes. Action item driven, active and empathetic listener. Most recently, led an Israeli startup from $1m to $50m+ ARR and TASE IPO delivering large clients in multiple verticals including Verizon, Wells Fargo, Office Depot, The Hartford, Citi, Discover, Expedia and others. Doug holds a BA in Classics from Tufts University and is a published Author, Artist, Musician, Coach and Volunteer.


AI Meets Data Access Governance

Data is the viral sensation crashing the data governance capacity. Use of data is disrupting industries, economies, even some government…