Eskil Swende and Svein Oliver Vedaa

Eskil Swende, IRM Sweden --- Eskil is a co-founder of IRM Sweden in 1982, a Scandinavian consulting company focusing on Business Architecture. He initiated the education of Certified Business Architects already 1991 and so far 1500+ Architects has been educated. He is now focusing on the business use of new technologies like digital development. Eskil has been mentor to the Data Architect at Cambridge University and their assessment business since 2017. It has resulted in an approach “How to Develop a Sustainable Digital Platform”. Our article is based on this approach. Eskil started DAMA Chapter Scandinavia in 1995 and was their President until 2016. He is also a co-founder of IRM UK and has developed a global network of leading expert of EA. Eskil has written a number of articles for since 2008. He can be reached at -------- Svein Oliver Vedaa, IRM Norway --- Svein Oliver founded IRM Norway in 2000. Already as a University student in the 80s, Svein Oliver was interested in data and information as the core of value creation within IT. Despite all the brilliant technology that has emerged since then, data and information must still be managed as a resource to fully exploit its value. He believes fully that we must start with architecture to accomplish this. Today he focus on architectural debt (inspired by the theory of technical debt) with the goal of designing sustainable digital platforms. Svein Oliver has participated in many business architecture projects, many of them in the Oil & Gas industry. He can be reached at