Dr. Gordon Everest

Dr. Everest is Professor Emeritus of MIS and Database in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. With early "retirement," he continued to teach Advanced Data Modeling until 2018. His Ph.D. dissertation at the Univ of Pennsylvania Wharton School entitled "Managing Corporate Data Resources" became the text from McGraw-Hill, "Database Management: Objectives, System Functions, and Administration" in 1986. Since joining the University in 1970 as the "data guy" Gordon has been teaching all about databases, data modeling, database management systems, data administration, and data warehousing. Gordon's passion is to win over students and practitioners to the benefits and superiority of fact-based modeling (ORM being one notational style) over the traditional Relational or ER approaches to data modeling. Modeling in terms of tables has fundamental limitations creating poor designs which require human intervention (normalization) to solve. He calls it TABLE THINK!