Lata Garlapati

Lata Garlapati has worked in several industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Travel, and has spent about 9 years in data governance leadership roles. Lata is highly skilled in establishing enterprise data governance and domain-specific data governance from scratch. Lata is a versatile professional with grit and passion for data governance. Lata strongly believes data is one of the most valuable assets of an organization. Lata holds Post Graduate Diploma in Planning and Management, with specialization in Finance and Marketing from IIPM, India and Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical), with specialization in Industrial and Production from KL University (formerly Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering), India. Lata lives in New Jersey with her daughter, who studies at Rutgers Business School. Lata is an avid gardener, and she loves travelling, playing carroms, and doing social service. Lata currently works for Quest Diagnostics. The views expressed in this article are Lata's own and not those of Quest Diagnostics.