Marcie Barkin Goodwin

Marcie Barkin Goodwin is the Founder & CEO of Axis Software Designs, a Modeling Metadata Governance and Services company. Axis assists its clients in the development of efficient modeling infrastructures which provide the critical foundation for Modeling Metadata Governance and Data Design. This foundation ensures the successful management of iterative development and shared enterprise data. Axis, with partner Sandhill Consultants, offers ‘EM-SOS!’™ 2.0 which provides a Framework for the governance of Data Model Life Cycle strategies, model templates, critical standards and procedures to guarantee a governed, customizable model management infrastructure. As part of the Framework solution, Axis offers Model Management Assessments to assist companies in evaluating, developing and implementing the requisite governance for achieving successful modeling metadata management. Ms. Goodwin is a recognized industry expert on modeling metadata governance and the development of modeling infrastructures, and has frequently spoken at CAWorld, Enterprise Data World, Meta-Data & Data Modeling Summits, erwin Modeling Users Groups and DAMA Chapters throughout the United States.