Pinaki Datta

Pinaki lives with his family in Chicago, IL and has over 24 years of business transformation experience. Every initiative to him is a startup and he takes them through the development and growth cycles. His past clients like Google, Amazon and SAP Ariba have considered him as an ecommerce guru. Pinaki has vast experience building products, platforms and organizations from scratch and taking them to different heights in Retail, Hi-tech and Services industries. He has worked for companies like PwC, IBM, Motorola, Sears and Regalix and now focused on his new baby - Routine When not at work, Pinaki loves to hit the gym or organize community events. Cricket is the thing for him. He was also in Golf until he figured that his drives were looking like cricket's cover drive. Pinaki chairs a non-profit that promotes interest in science and technology (especially Robotics) and is affiliated with the FIRST Foundation.