Ron Klein

Dr. Ron Klein plays a leading role in enabling organizations to leverage the value of information assets by providing governance, data quality and the facilities to determine what information is available, it's meaning, where it is, how it got there and how to use the information asset. As Global Data Governance and Standards Leader for one of the Big-Four Accounting and Consultants firm, he provided guidelines and standards for all participant firms, functions and markets. He consults, promotes and raises awareness regarding information sharing, reuse and information best practices. He is the 2006 Wilshire Metadata Best Practices Award Winner - - as lead Metadata practitioner at a large Financial Institution. Dr. Klein current research includes Blockchain, Data Analytics and Data Strategy. He is an excellent communicator and has taught quantitative methods, data analysis and data management courses through Ryerson University and speaks regularly at international industry events, DAMAI functions and Financial Conferences.