Melanie Mecca

Melanie Mecca, CEO of DataWise Inc., a certified CMMI Institute Partner, is the world’s leading authority on the Data Management Maturity (DMM)SM Model and EDM evaluation, benchmarking and roadmaps. Her expertise in evaluation, design, and implementation of EDM programs has empowered clients in all industries to accelerate their success. As CMMI Institute’s Director of Data Management, she led development of the DMM and the corresponding method for measuring EDM capabilities and creating a program roadmap. She has led 30+ Assessments, resulting in rapid capability implementation. DataWise is the premiere provider of intensive courses leading to CMMI’s Enterprise Data Management Associate (EDMA) and Enterprise Data Management Expert (EDME) certifications, and offers computer-based education for data awareness, data stewards, and domain stewards. After decades of solving enterprise data challenges, she advocates stakeholder education as key to EDM excellence, and frequently presents case studies, theory and practice at industry conferences and webinars; visit to find out ‘What GOOD Looks Like.”