Dr. Walid el Abed

Dr. Walid el Abed is the CEO of Global Data Excellence (Geneva - Switzerland). Dr. el Abed is an international expert in linguistics and computer science specialized in Computational Linguistics and Natural Language Processing. He holds a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. His research was fundamentally oriented on the proposition of a new model called the Semantic Meta Model (SMM) which led to the creation of a new discipline: “The Data Excellence Science”, introduced and taught by him in several universities around the world. A new science that makes it possible to optimize the interactions between humans and computers. A science at the crossroads of the worlds that uses computer science, linguistics, semantics, didactics, semiology and the automatic processing of natural languages. Based on the Data Excellence Science, Dr. el Abed devoted more than 20 years to the creation of a software capable of answering the vital questions that organizations’ executives and managers have to solve in order to perform their mission in the best way. This software is called DEMS the data excellence management system. DEMS has optimized the artificial intelligence for the digital enterprise and people. Dr. el Abed delivers executive training, seminars and conferences on value-driven governance and data-driven management based on the creation of sustainable value and innovation at the right price. Prior to founding Global Data Excellence Dr. el Abed occupied various executive and management positions in large multinationals (Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Financial industries).


Automating Bureaucracy

Bureaucracy was known to be the plague of the USSR, but has recently become a heavy burden for private companies.…